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*Multiplayer has not been implemented yet*

Ranked #1st for Polish at FTR jam

The successor to the infamous SLiME.BAT. 

Jupiter Hadley: It's a very interesting game. Nice animations for the main character!

Eelstork: A hard to control, yet endearing throwback to Windows XP and the golden age of computer viruses.


Beginning Info:

SLiME.BAT was a game where you were casually browsing memes and suddenly a "slime" virus infected your computer. It was made for GC Jam 3 which was a 3-day jam. Of course the idea had potential and I really could not do anything in that time limit so I decided to remake the game.

Here's the game if you want to try it.


About the game:

Your PC is infected by a strange virus created by BladeSides. It has taken control of 5 folders. Looks like you need to open them and fight the viruses off.


1. Slimegore

Everything is sticky. Ew.

2. Og'ster

This guy is tough and won't let back easily. Looks like you'll have to fight.

3. Mozert

Classical music can't be tough, can it?

4. MLG League

Need I say anything? Well, these guys are DANK.

5. BladeSides?!

Holy shit! This is the developer of the game. Yo' gonna get yo' a** kicked!



Arrow Keys/WASD - Movement

Shift/Backspace - Dash 

Space/Insert - Jump 

Ctrl/ The '/' Key or the '?' Key - Toggle Between Aiming Mode and Moving Mode 

Q/E or Page Up/Page Down - Aim higher/lower 

E/Enter - Interact 

Z/Delete - Shoot

*Please note that the info on this page may change during development*
*If you want a build for any other OS feel free to contact me at my email*
Contact: contact.bladesides@gmail.com
Discord: BladeSides#2929
P.S.: Manticore ^_^


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ViRUS.BAT v0.1 [Windows].zip 77 MB


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Hello here. A quick note to let you know FTR jam is over results out, and please reply to the announcement email (do not reply here thanks).


this is a lit game got a few cramps on my hand when spamming the z key

Well played *claps*


- BladeSides


OMG say that first. I was about to get my fingers replaced by bionic implants.