NOTICE: The game has depressing content and strong language.

It's okay.

We're okay

Made with Twine 2.

GenreVisual Novel
Made withTwine
Tagsdepression, monologue, sad
Average sessionA few minutes


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ok, so iiked this game.

well that was strange i sat in front of this blue hello and didn´t know what to do and  i wanted to quit but than i read this comment and i thought there must be more and it was. It´s a very beatiful idea of covering this theme of the jam can´t say more than well done

Thank you very much for trying out my little creation, I hope to get around to playing everyone's by tonight.

~ BladeSides

i really didnt know what to expect, im just happy this exists. despite it's subject matter this actually made me happy and dar i say, understood? great work i love the writing i love the music i just love this and i can't wait to see what you come up with


If this managed to resonate with even one person, I'd have my objective fulfilled. I thank you very much for taking your time to tinker around with this little creation, and hope I don't disappoint your expectations!

~ BladeSides


Thank you for making this visual novel/monologue or as you put it this shit "game". I relate all too well.


Thank you for giving this a try, and for donating a sum as well.

I hope you are doing better these days, and, that even better stuff lies in front of you.

~ BladeSides

I am now thank you again for making this and spreading awareness.