*Note – Originally made in 48 hours as a practice for Ludum Dare*

A simple platformer where you have to beat a deceptive AI.

Controls – Arrow Keys, Holding up will result in a higher jump

Source Code License :-

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Pretty much self explanatory, I would have made it better but time restrictions *_*

Enjoy, 4 levels including a boss level and tutorial. Good luck. It's not that hard I guess.



-Added Tutorial

-Minor text fixes


-Initial Release

Made withConstruct
TagsPixel Art, Robots, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial


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Hey, I tried your game and enjoyed it quite a bit~

I made a video talking about your game, amongst others, so I thought I'd share it here:

Thank you for your effort and keep doing what you're doing~

I love you man! And I forgot to mention the double jump, sorry bout that, but I did mean "holding up results in a higher jump".


You main menu is very well done, I loved the 8 bit theme. The mechanics are all there and can see this evolving into a nice game. Me personally, I lost patience after dying numerous times on the second man obstacle. Perhaps some checkpoints could be incorporated?

Thank you for your effort. I think it is a fun little game.

Thanks a lot and yes the game is pretty difficult so I'll probably incorporate checkpoints/difficulty levels in the near future.


Great excercise for Ludum Dare! Since you asked for it in the forum, here is some feedback: I like the sprites and the music loop. The platform graphics could need a better style though, some platforms and background use the same color. The pattern in the grey platform does not make much sense to me. Instead I would have chosen a more technical style with nuts and bolts. Also picking up coins is a bit off-theme, picking up compact discs or printed circuit boards would fit better. The description "where you have to beat a deceptive AI." was a bit misleading, since it is basically a collect-em-up platformer. For me the game was too hard to play (but I'm not good at this), since there are no save points I became frustrated with restarting at the beginning after touching a robot.

Thanks a lot for the review!

Most of the things you said were in plan, but I was unable to do them as time-restraints. This review means a lot to me and I'll be sure to use your points to improve my game in Ludum Dare.

Thank you again,




Looking forward to your Ludum Dare game! I hope we get a good theme :-)

Thanks a lot :)